Bowen Collinsville Enterprise

Major Projects

The following significant Infrastructure Projects reaffirms the Queensland State Governments position to have Bowen become a major economic powerhouse for the future as part of the Northern Economic Triangle: Bowen – Townsville – Mt. Isa.

Bowen Collinsville Enterprise Inc., is working with all levels of government in bringing these projects to fruition.

Abbott Point Industrial Land

Proposed development of over 8,000 Ha as industrial precinct incorporating mix of heavy, medium, light and food value adding industries. Official declaration of the State Development Area at Abbot Point by Qld government in 2008. (See separate Page for information on the Abbot Point State Development Area)

Abbott Point Coal Terminal Expansion

Construction of additional onshore handling facilities and an additional offshore berth and ship loader to increase coal throughput from 50 Mt/a. To 150 Mt/a through staged expansions over the coming years..

Bowen Marina Development

Working with state government and key stakeholders on developing a Master Plan for the Bowen Marina with a view of completing upgrades in stages to allow the project to move forward.

Galilee Coal Projects

The Galilee, 200km west of the existing coalfields in the Bowen Basin, in central Queensland, has been dubbed “Australia’s next coal precinct”. The potential of the region has attracted local and international miners from China, India and Brazil who now have an estimated 59,000sq kms under tenure, second in size only to the more famous Bowen Basin to the east. At present Nine mines have been proposed to be built in the Galilee basin with one having completed the government approval assessment process and five in various stages.The Galilee Basin region is already a strong agriculture, cattle and mining region, is being targeted for massive mining projects which promise to transform the region’s economic and social structure.Currently, there are six major projects worth collectively about $25bn under which 180 million tonnes of coal would be mined each year and a new railway line built from the area to the greatly expanded coal port of Abbot Point.

The Galilee Basin is set to create 25,000 new jobs with new mines being developed by Hancock Coal, Waratah Coal, Adani and several other companies – and a major expansion of the Abbot Point export terminal and associated infrastructure.

Port facilities at Abbot Point are to be an export point for coal sourced from the Galilee Basin. Proposals show the Whitsundays having access to support and supply opportunities due to its proximity and immense demand for goods and services.

Water For Bowen Project

Master plan in place for water from the Burdekin River to Bowen via a 150 kilometre channel and pipeline. This system will supply 60,000 mega litres of water per annum for industrial and horticultural use in the Bowen area. BCE Inc. is project representative in the environmental impact assessment process.

Proposed Base Load Power Plant for North QLD

It seems that continuous growth across NQ will require a sizeable base load power station to be located in NQ.  BCE Inc. will continue to promote Collinsville as preferred location, utilizing new clean coal technologies.

Byerwen Coal Project

The Byerwen Coal Project is a proposed coal mine located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin about 20 km west of Glenden. It will produce up to 10 million tonnes of premium hard coking per year and employ a workforce of up to 1,000 people with an expected mine life of 50 years.

The mine is a joint venture between QCoal and JFE Steel.

Drake Coal

QCoal is proposing to develop the Drake Coal Project (the Project), which involves the development of a greenfield open cut-coal mine located approximately 17 kilometres (km) south of Collinsville, in north Queensland. The proposed mine will produce up to 6 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of product coal. The mine will have a mine life of 30 years, inclusive of construction, operation and closure.The Drake Project is situated approximately 17 km south of Collinsville, in the Bowen Basin.