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The Bowen Boat Harbour is owned and leased by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

The Bowen Boat Harbour forms part of a number of strategically placed harbours along the Queensland coast as a refuge for recreational boats and yachts. The other harbours owned by the department are Manly, Cabbage Tree Creek, Scarborough, Mooloolaba, Rosslyn Bay, Snapper Creek and Urangan Boat Harbour.

The Bowen Boat Harbour is a significant public asset that plays an important role as a regional attractor for recreational boating and sailing, fishing and trawling, and hospitality.

CONCEPT-PLAN-MAPThis Concept Plan and the associated workshop have been collaboratively prepared by the department’s Portfolio Investment & Programming Branch and the Policy & Planning Branch. T

he purpose of this Concept Plan is to provide a vision and a framework for a number of medium to long-term development and infrastructure opportunities in the boat harbour. In addition, the plan seeks to provide clarity and certainty for future lease arrangements. It does not change land uses in the local government’s planning scheme.

The objective of this Concept Plan is to promote sustainable development; and enhance and improve the regional attraction of the harbour with a mix of land uses relating to and supporting marine activities.

This Concept Plan is preliminary in nature and will require a number of further technical studies to inform and evolve the Concept Plan with the necessary detail to realise the medium and long-term land use opportunities in the harbour.

To download the Bowen Boat Harbour Concept Plan Report – Click Here (5Mb-PDF)

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