Bowen Collinsville Enterprise

About Bowen Collinsville Enterprise Inc.

“Bowen and Collinsville have a strong potential to magnify current level of economic activities many times over, within the next 5 – 15 years. Resources boom and highly liveable coastal location of the Bowen Township will prove to be a very successful formula to significant growth in years to come….”

About Bowen Collinsville Enterprise

Bowen Collinsville Enterprise Inc. is the economic development agency consisting of key stakeholders within the region. BCE is made up from leaders in each of the represented industries in the area and meet on a regular basis to discuss merging issues and develop actions plans to assist growth in our area.

Provision of the higher order social infrastructure, which encompasses a wide range of community facilities and services critical to wellbeing of the communities, such as health, education and public safety.

Provision of a high level of lobbying for new industries and business while ensuring a balanced, environmentally sustainable development of residential areas.

The ultimate goal is to attract suitable mix of mineral processing, manufacturing, services and tourism, leading to ongoing creation of full time year around, well paid jobs.

Positioning and proactively marketing the Bowen and Collinsville area as desirable place to ‘work, live and invest !!!’.

Bowen Collinsville Enterprise