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Abbot Point State Development Area

Opportunities for economic growth

Located approximately 20 kilometres west of Bowen, Abbot Point forms a key part of the Queensland Government’s Northern Economic Triangle Infrastructure.

A key objective of the plan is to develop a new industrial precinct for large scale industries at Abbot Point, which offers an existing deepwater port facility and is close to transport links such as the Bruce Highway and rail infrastructure.

The Abbot Point State Development Area was declared by the Governor in Council on 19 June 2008 under section 77 of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971.

The Abbot Point State Development Area is approximately 16 230 hectares and provides for the establishment of industrial development, including infrastructure corridors and essential infrastructure.

Development scheme for the Abbot Point State Development Area

A development scheme has been prepared to manage land use in the Abbot Point State Development Area. This scheme, prepared by the Coordinator-General, was approved by the Governor-in-Council on 19 June 2008.

The development scheme will plan for the establishment of industrial development, infrastructure corridors and essential services in a coordinated manner, recognising the environment, cultural heritage and the community.

The role of the Coordinator-General is to assess and determine all applications for land use development (material change of use) within the state development area.

Precinct Map

A precinct map forms part of the development scheme. This precinct map divides the Abbot Point State Development Area into four precincts:

  • Industry Precinct
  • Infrastructure and Corridors Precinct
  • Restricted Development Precinct
  • Environmental Management/Materials Transportation Precinct

Abbot Pt State Development Area

Further information

For further information contact the Infrastructure and Economic Development Group

Establishing an industrial hub at Abbot Point

The Queensland Government proposes to declare the area at Abbot Point a State Development Area to facilitate industrial development in the region.

Under this declaration, the Department of Infrastructure and Planning would become responsible for planning, land use and ongoing management of the area.

State Development Areas do not change ownership of the land, although the Queensland Government, through the Coordinator- General, may acquire land to establish industry, essential services or infrastructure corridors.

Development scheme

A development scheme is a set of detailed land use planning instruments that replaces the local government planning scheme within a State Development Area. The Coordinator-General is the decision maker for all land use matters within the area. The Coordinator-General will assess new uses of the land against the development scheme in consultation with other agencies. This includes assessing infrastructure proposals.

Abbot Point Development Scheme

A draft development scheme has been prepared to manage land use in the proposed Abbot Point State Development

Area. The draft scheme separates the proposed area into three precincts:

  • industrial
  • buffer
  • infrastructure and corridors.

Provided they can demonstrate environmental best practice and satisfactory management of potential impacts, large scale industrial projects will be granted use of the area within the industrial precinct. The buffer precinct is unsuitable for large scale industrial uses and will act to protect the wetlands adjoining the port. This precinct also provides areas for revegetation. The infrastructure and corridors precinct will be set aside for infrastructure that supports the industrial precinct.

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