Bowen Collinsville Enterprise

Chairman’s Report 2011

 I saw 2011 as being the year where we would see all regional agencies align and co exist under a regional pinnacle organisation as in EW and we could then concentrate on where we fitted in the grand plan. With more changes in EW including funding cuts and staff changes this did not eventuate.

 After discussions with all players in the region, I believe what we currently have now in BCE, apart from more secretarial/management hours/funding is ideal and absolutely vital for companies, politicians , government representatives, etc, to have such a diverse group to relate to when planning for the future of Bowen and Collinsville. It has been quoted many times over the past year that “the strength of BCE is what is sitting around the table” and I feel we should stand alone and be an advisory group for anyone with interests in the region.

 Despite appearing to be in “caretaker” mode we really did achieve, and earned the respect of all we dealt with as shown below.

 Summary of the year’s achievements

–          Representation on Abbot Point Consultative Committee.

–          Representation on EW Board

–          Representation at Community Cabinet Meeting in unison with EW on MCF and SDA and Marina.

–          Sunwater – Garry Grant update on Water for Bowen and asked to keep original stakeholders informed on where there investment stood.

–          Briefings to George Christenson (Minister for Dawson), Bob Baldwin (Shadow Minister for Tourism), Senator Barnaby Joyce (Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water), and Luke Hartsyker (Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport, and Regional Communities).

–          Briefings to the Department of Enviroment and Resource Management on issues including lack of water at Abbot Point for X50, Don River, EIS for Conquest Mining and Sonoma.

–          Briefings to Campbell Newman and Rosemary Menkens on all regional issues.

–          Engaged Martin Homison to do submission to WRC for Whitsunday Community Plan and presented same.

–          Received report on an option for dredging sand removal in Don River and passed on to WRC and Don River Improvement Trust.

–          Discussed 7 day trading and arranged to attend Burdekin Case but it was deferred.

–          Presentation heard from Colin Thompson regarding skilling the region in readiness for the future.


Non achievements

–          The setting up of an Accommodation Register for companies showing sizes, lease lengths, cleaning and meal options etc that would be updated monthly and sent to companies that could be looking for accommodation for employees. EW

–          Setting up a plan in conjunction with current Boat Harbour Lease Holders with their future needs to present to Queensland Transport so some sort of staged future could be set up to help them secure their tenancies. BCE

–          Requesting a broader based membership of the Don River Improvement Trust. BCE

–          Meeting with Craig Wallace on Marina site useage.


We couldn’t have had the achievements we have had without the special efforts of Mardi Mathieson with her secretarial/ financial work, Terry Pilcher for organising meetings, Steve Shuttleworth for providing the venue, David Evans representing us on the APCCC, and most of all the regular attendance and commitment of all our members.


 In conclusion 2012 will be a very interesting one with a state election, potential MCF announcements to name two, but the important thing is that we are here to help keep the region as an ideal place to reside in as well as do business in.


Stephen Darwen

Bowen Collinsville Enterprise